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Confidentiality Statement: I understand that all information on this form is voluntarily supplied and may only be used and disclosed in a professional manner. I understand it is the policy of Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank to regard all information (both written and verbal) pertaining to staff, volunteers and clients served as confidential. Furthermore, I understand and agree to comply with the confidentiality statement as it pertains to information I may learn or be entrusted with as a volunteer in the community.

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Drug Free Statement: Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank is committed to providing a drug free, healthy, safe and secure work environment for employees and volunteers. Each employee and volunteer is expected and required to report to work in an appropriate mental and physical condition to perform his/her assigned duties. Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank prohibits the use, possession, or sale of illicit drugs in the workplace or when conducting agency business. Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank requires its employees and volunteers to be free from illicit drugs and from the influence of alcohol where the potential for impairment or unsafe job performance is indicated.

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Parent/Guardian Signature is required for those under 18: I am the custodial parent/guardian of the above listed person. I give permission for him/her to participate in volunteer activities. I hold harmless Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank for any injury or other situations that may arise from my child’s choice to serve as a volunteer. I understand that in some volunteer situations parental or adult supervision may be required in order for my child to participate. I agree to hold Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank harmless, and give my child permission to participate in volunteer activities.