Lunch for the Break - video

Lunch for the Break helps bridge the food gap during long school breaks. While this is a joyful, fun time for most families, for some it can be a source of stress as they struggle to fill the gap left by free/reduced school lunches.

Lunch for the Break is now serving ALL schools in the Issaquah School District!

We will serve all the school age children in the family, but at least one student must attend one of the listed schools. Each school age child will receive a box of food.

Each box will be exactly the same - donors will follow a shopping list and drop off completed boxes at one of three locations.

To register as a donor for Midwinter Break 2017, click here.

For the shopping list (as well as our awesome Lunch for the Break site), click here.

To register to receive food for Midwinter Break 2017 click here for English or aqui para espanol.

Questions? Email Rebecca or call 425-392-4123 x11.