Emergency Shelter and Day Center Information

If you need help with emergency shelter, the list of resources below is a good place to start. If you need additional assistance or resources, our social worker can help! Email Rebecca, or call or text at 206-395-9149

Click here to download a current list of shelters from Crisis Connections.

For immediate assistance to access shelter or other resources, call 2-1-1 or 800-621-4636, Monday-Friday 8am-6pm. After hours, call 866-427-4747.

King County Emergency Family Shelter Line


Call at 9am each day to be screened for same day shelter openings around King County. Need to call each day as the list does not roll over.

Specifically for families with children who are unsheltered (living outside, in a car, etc.)

Severe Weather Shelters

List of shelters open during severe weather events in the Puget Sound area. 

King County Severe Weather Shelter opens in Seattle Feb. 9-14. Download the here for the Seattle Center shelter. 


The Sophia Way (women only)

Day Center

https://sophiaway.org/day-center-services/ or 425-896-7385

Emergency Shelter

https://sophiaway.org/shelter/ or 425-463-6254

Congregations for the Homeless (men only)

Day Center 

https://www.cfhomeless.org/day-center/ or 425-289-4044

Emergency Shelter

https://www.cfhomeless.org/winter-shelter/ or 425-289-4044

Snoqualmie Valley Shelter Services

Day Center

http://www.svshelterservices.org/resource-center.html or 425-773-2874

Emergency Shelter

http://www.svshelterservices.org/emergency-shelter.html or 425-773-2874

REACH Center of Hope

Day Center and Emergency Shelter

https://www.reachrenton.org/center-of-hope.html or 425-277-7594

Noel House Programs (women and families with children)

Variety of shelters and day center programs for women and families with diverse experiences and needs. 

Link above or call (206) 441-3210

New Bethlehem Project (families with children)

Day Center

http://www.nbpshelter.org/day-center-1 or 425-679-0350

Emergency Shelter

http://www.nbpshelter.org/need-help-now - need to call for phone screening: 206-437-7448