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Temporary Food Delivery during COVID-19 Outbreak

Do you need delivery during the COVID-19 outbreak? Read the following information to learn about our current services and delivery requirements. 

Current Services

Our current service model is designed to be as safe as possible for our clients, staff, and volunteers. During food distribution hours, shoppers drive up directly to one of two food bank entrances and remain in their vehicles. A volunteer then checks you in and puts food directly in your car. If you don't drive, please use the front door. We will bring your food out to you and ask that anyone who walks up maintains 6 feet of distance from others. 

Inside our building, we are sanitizing regularly and have gloves and masks available for all staff and volunteers to use while working. 


Even with the above precautions, we know that some people may not be able to come to the food bank to receive food. In those cases, we want to continue to provide access and help meet your food needs. Depending on your individual circumstances, we may be able to add you into our temporary COVID-19 delivery service. Deliveries will take place every other week.

Please note - this delivery service is separate from our traditional Groceries to Go program and will only take place for the remainder of our COVID-19 emergency operations. All deliveries contain the same food items as the prepacked boxes available for pick up at the food bank.

Delivery Qualifications

Transportation: Do you have transportation to and from the Food Bank? If so, you should utilize our pick-up model. If not, you may qualify.

Health: Do you have a serious health condition that makes it hard for you to get to the Food Bank?

Employment schedule: Are you part of an essential service employment team and are unable to make it to the food bank during our regular distribution hours?

Live in our Food Bank service area: The Food Bank serves the following zip codes: 98027, 98029, 98075 and 98059. For this temporary food delivery, we will also be serving those living in the 98074 zip code.

If you meet the criteria above, you may be eligible for temporary delivery service. Please contact Erin at or 425-392-4123 ext. 16 to learn more.

Need other resources? Learn more about additional resources available to you during the COVID-19 outbreak.